Damien Harris of the Buffalo Bills has faced Neck Injury at Highmark Stadium.

Damien Harris faced a scary incident at Highmark Stadium on Sunday, where he was playing as running back for the Buffalo Bills. It happened when he was playing in the second quarter with linebacker Bobby Okereke.

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Damien Harris faced a scary incident at Highmark Stadium on Sunday, where he was playing as running back for the Buffalo Bills. After this accident, he was immediately taken off the field in an ambulance after he got a neck injury at the time of playing against the New York Giants. All his fans and team members were shocked after this happened, and the match suddenly stopped in the middle. His football team, Buffalo Bills, has issued an update that he has movement in his arms and legs, and he was taken to hospital for further testing. The team has also provided an update on how he was out of the team after a neck injury. 

It happened when he was playing in the second quarter with linebacker Bobby Okereke. Suddenly, he lay on the floor, and an ambulance was called immediately. When he was loaded into the ambulance, he gave thumbs up to his fans and team members, which gave his fans and teams a short relief. He was taken to Erie County Hospital for his treatment. Highmark Stadium went silent after this incident, and his fans got scared when the ambulance came to load him onto the ground. A reply to this incident has also shown to check what exactly happened. But nothing major happened, which was also a relief to fans and team members.

Name Damien Harris
Position Running Back
Team New England Patriots
Height 5 ft 10 in
Weight 215 lbs
Birth Date February 11, 1997
Age 26
College Alabama
Draft Year 2019
Round 3
Pick 87

Damien Harris Accident

Before this accident, Buffalo’s team members had also faced this when Damar Hamlin had a  cardiac arrest when he was playing against the Cincinnati Bengals. That was also a major shock to players, but he did not have much issue. These cases have also been seen in other football team players in the past for various reasons. Coach Sean McDermott informed at the time of the news conference that things are working well for Damien as per starting reports. His fans and followers are praying for him to recover and give his excellent performance. 

Damien Harris Contract

He is a popular football player who has played as a running back for the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League since 2023. He recently started playing for this team after his contract deal for a $1.7 million contract for one year. He is currently serving his one-year contract with this team. Before this team, he also played for the New England Patriots. He started playing professional football in 2019 when the football team New England Patriots drafted him. In his starting football career, he was taken as injured reserve with a broken finger in 2020. He played four seasons for this football team and ended his contract in 2022 as a football player. 

Damien Harris Net Worth

In 2023, he has a net worth of $1 million from his professional football career. It was a decent amount of net worth, considering that he just started his professional career in 2019. He began his major earning by signing contracts with the football team of New England Patriots in 2019. It is not clear about his first contract with the team, but he continued his first contract for three years. His recent contract was for $1.7 million for one year. It will contribute to his net worth. He is going to sign the future contract after his one-year contract ends with the Buffalo Bills.

He also received massive support from his fans and followers after he faced this injury on social media. It was possible because he built a strong fan base in his four years of professional football career. This injury is not good for his professional football career, as he recently began playing football for this team. As of now, It is not clear when he will get well for his upcoming matches with Buffalo Bills. It will take a substantial time to recover for future football matches. 

Since he was drafted into the football team as a running back, he has had good performances and scored well, which resulted in winning two titles of CFP national champion and Second-team All-SEC. But this incident is really going to affect his professional career for at least the short term. The Bills football team will have their next major match this Sunday, 22nd Oct., against the New England Patriots. Most probably, he will be absent from playing football.